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Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA020 Chassis Set

Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA020 Chassis Set

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Equipped with MR-03 front suspension in addition to DWS!
Evolutionary jump in MA-020 chassis design realizes a new level of MINI-Z AWD performance.

The advanced design of the Mini-Z AWD incorporates four wheel independent suspension and a shaft driven 4WD featuring precision differential gears on front and rear controlled by the pre-installed ASF 2.4GHz unit, and is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand! The one-piece RA-23T receiver-amp unit features a Chase Mode that turbo-boosts the excitement of R/C racing. When used with a compatible 3-channel transmitter (sold separately), the Chase Mode acts as a power limiter to restrict output to 70% of full throttle. However, when the opportunity presents itself, push the 3rd button and output is instantaneously increased to 100% for a 3-second burst of speed. Inspired by the boost button on full-size formula racing machines, this new feature dramatically increases the intensity of racing action! Restricting the maximum speed actually allows better driving lines and supports easier control, but once the overtake button is pushed, the machine surges forward like a tiger in attack! However once you’re in front, you become the hunted. The lead can change numerous times during a race with much more overtaking, adding greater excitement to your racing battles. Also, the Chase mode can be set so the overtake button can only be used a certain number of times per machine (optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and computer are required). This allows you to apply a handicapping system by restricting the number of speed bursts each car can use, allowing beginners to compete on a more even footing with more experienced drivers. Of course, the ASF 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter for the MINI-Z Racer can be used and the optional gyro can be installed inside the upper cover. As it evaluates the running posture of the model it automatically corrects the steering and throttle for smoother control making it easier to drive, especially for beginners and drift drivers. As this set is packaged without transmitter, it is ideal for existing owners of an ASF 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer, making it economical as a 2nd or even 3rd model. The advanced AWD chassis and the blistering acceleration from the Chase Mode produce highly addictive levels of excitement and racing action.

Revised front suspension. 020 chassis takes an evolutionary step with DWS installed on rear as standard.


Incorporates the proven front suspension of the MR-03. Maintains excellent controllability, even with change in tread. Also equipped with VCS.


Features down stop mechanism, ball connect suspension shaft and friction shock with damping force adjusted by grease as standard.

Features 2.4GHz RA-23T circuit board that requires no frequency band selection. Overtake function of Chase Mode turns up the heat in racing.


Optional gyro unit can be installed. Detects running posture changes and automatically corrects with steering and throttle.


Install the optional scramble flasher that flashes to indicate when overtake mode is activated, lights up when it’s available to use and goes out when it is not available.

  • MA-020 chassis has evolved to the next level with revitalised suspension system.
  • MINI-Z Racer MR-03 front suspension structure included.
  • Rear double wishbone suspension (DWS) installed.
  • ASF2.4GHz R/C system removes need to manage frequency bands. **Transmitter sold separately.
  • Up to 40 cars can be run at the same time.
  • Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response.
  • Shipped in standard setup. Can be changed to Chase Mode.
  • Other setting changes can be adjsuted using the I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
  • LED indicator shows power status.
  • AWD machine delivers free control of posture for smooth drift control.
  • Using the narrowest 65mm chassis design, most MINI-Z 01/015 body styles can be installed.
  • Equipped with four ball bearings as standard.
  • Zero point specification with factory-set steering neutral delivers superior straight running.
  • Control timing of reverse can be adjusted.
  • Optional long span rear suspension arm (upper, lower) can be installed.
About the Chase mode function.

“Chase mode” functions to limit power output to 70% of full throttle. When the moment comes to attack, a push of the 3rd channel button on the transmitter increases power output to 100% for 3-second burst of speed. This enables greater driving control and also adds the excitement of overtaking duels so drivers can enjoy nose to tail racing battles. Also, the number of power boosts can be set to apply a handicapping system to level the playing field for drivers of different experience levels. At the time of shipment, the overtake function is set to a maximum of 5 times per race.
How to activate the Chase mode
At the time of shipment, the MR-03 with Chase mode is set with its standard 100% power output setting. The Chase mode is activated simply by pressing and holding down the pairing button.
How does the Chase mode Handicap System Work?
The number of 3-second Chase mode speed bursts of 100% power output that can be used is able to be limited for each race. Depending on the driver’s skill level, the number of Chase mode speed bursts can be set higher or lower, and therefore apply a handicapping system for the race. Drivers of any skill or confidence level can compete effectively and enjoy racing with this handicap system.
(Requires optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and PC to change handicap settings).
< Number of speed bursts for each Handicap Classes >
?Chase mode Legend 1 times
?Chase mode Champ 3 times
?No Handicap 5 times
?Handicap +1 6 times
?Handicap +2 7 times
?Handicap +3 8 times
?Handicap +4 9 times
?Handicap +5 10 times
?Handicap +6 15 times
?Handicap +MAX 250 times
Counting Range
The number of speed bursts in Chase mode is counted from when the chassis power is switched on until it is switched off. Each time the chassis power is switched on, the number of speed bursts enabled is reset allowing the handicap to be applied at the start of each race.

< Chassis Set Contents >

  • Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
  • Pinion gear (15T, 17T, 19T, 21T)
  • Spur gear for wheelbases: 27T, 29T, 31T each for M, for L, for LL
  • Parts for changing wheelbase
  • Parts set for changing tread
  • Rear suspension spacers for chassis height adjustment
  • Pinion gear tool
  • Spare nut
  • Wheel wrench
  • Pairing stick

*PERFEX EX-5UR ASF Transmitter

< Required for Operation >

  • Auto Scale Collection body
  • 3-channel transmitter for MINI-Z compatible with ASF 2.4GHz <Recommended: Kyosho EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011) or compatible ASF 3-channel KO transmitter> or Perfex KT-18 transmitter (If not using the Chase mode)
  • AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or Ni-MH batteries x 4 for chassis.
  • Batteries for transmitter <For EX-5UR (recommended transmitter): AA-size alkaline batteries x 8>
  • I.C.S. USB adapter (No.82080) for using I.C.S. functions and Chase Mode adjustment.
  • *Note: Overtake function may work with R246 2.4GHz module adapter but is not guaranteed with transmitters other than Kyosho or KO 3-channel transmitters. Also, the 2-channel KT-18 transmitter can be used without Chase Mode.
Chassis Technical Data
Tread (F/R)
56.5-63.5mm / 56.5-61mm
25.0 (sold separately)
Gear Ratio
7.2, 6.4, 6.0, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5 : 1
120g (approx.)
130-class motor
No crystals needed! 2.4GHz system blocks interference.

Using 2.4GHz frequency, the transmitter and chassis automatically lock on to open bands with the 2.4GHz ASF system. Realizes a stable environment without interference so you can have confidence in your radio system's response. Allows up to 40 cars to be raced at the same time. Simple pairing process (registering transmitter with the chassis) also enables a single transmitter to be used with multiple chassis. The next generation of proportional radio control systems starts here.
*Set does not include R/C System.
5 Stars
Great Chassis
Great chassis, own 2 MA-20, and 1 MA-20 sport, would definitely recommend.
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