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Great PlanesRealFlight G3.5 R/C Flight Simulator (Mode 1)

Great PlanesRealFlight G3.5 R/C Flight Simulator (Mode 1)

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RealFlight G3.5 w/USB InterLink Plus
Mode 1 Transmitter
Europe & Asia

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Great Planes® RealFlight G3.5 R/C Flight Simulator

The Most Realistic Recreation of
R/C Flight EVER!


Ideal for at-home use — and internet competition!

Open a RealFlight G3.5 box and it"s inside, the ideal flight sim controller. Pick it up, and it offers the look and feel of the full-size Futaba transmitter it was modeled from. Prefer to use your own transmitter? The InterLink Plus has the interface you need built in. Want to fly Multi-Mode™ with a friend? You're all set, because the InterLink Plus can also be used as a controller and interface simultaneously — something no other controller can do. You can also use it to compete against (up to) seven other pilots on the Internet, because RealFlight G3.5 is still the only Internet-ready R/C flight sim available. That's a RealFlight first — and so is the re-set button. Colliding with another pilot on the Internet — or a tree on a flying site — will cause a convincing crash. But touch the reset, and the damage is instantly repaired and you're free to fly again.

Note: The USB InterLink Plus Controller can be used as an interface with most 4-12 channel, FM or PPM-selectable radios which include a trainer system jack. The connectors on the InterLink cord and included adapter are compatible with the trainer jacks on most Futaba?and Tower Hobbies?radios and all Hitec?and JR?systems. InterLink Plus use with Airtronics?Sanwa radios requires a special adapter (available separately). The USB InterLink Plus Controller is compatible ONLY with the software it accompanies, Add-Ons disks and G3 Expansion Packs. It is not compatible with any other manufacturer's software nor with RealFlight Classic, Deluxe, G2 or G2 Lite. U.S. Patents # 6,842,804 and #7,010,628

The ONLY R/C simulator with the
made by Futaba
Unmatched versatility with at-field “feel”.

simulator with

In a flight simulation, there's no denying that the physics — the way an aircraft performs — is of critical importance. That's why the models for 4D flight and counter-rotating props were “reality-tested” by expert pilots — and why RealPhysics has evolved into RealPhysics 3D. By the same token, flight doesn't take place in a vacuum; it takes place in the richly detailed world, where 3D objects react to impacts, hard impacts cause damage, and changing wind conditions affect the way your aircraft handles and the way you fly. With RealFlight G3.5, you can choose where to fly, what to fly, customize your plane with streamers, learn to hover from an expert — or go on-line and interact with other pilots. Real physics. Real-world choices.

Compatible with all
Add-Ons Volumes!


RealFlight G3.5 has all this, and more!

17 3D and four PhotoField sites!
Night flying!
Counter-rotating heli rotors!
4D flying — with variable pitch props!
Torque Roll training!
Heli Orientation training!
Sound and Particle emitters!
Responsive Objects!
Multi-player collisions!
Special visual effects for added realism!

Plus these RealFlight favorites!

Over 5000 square miles of digitally created TruLife™ terrain.
TruFlo Wind Dynamics™.
Unparalleled collision detection.
FlexiField™ flying site editor.
AccuModel™ aircraft editor with ReadySelect™ preview box.
Total compatibility with all 5 Add-Ons and both Expansion Packs!
Registered G3 owners: G3.5 is available as a FREE upgrade. See for details.













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